MJ Studio

MJ Studio 1.09

Audio player with mixing capabilities

Play MP3 files and use the automatic beat detection capability to mix multiple songs together, modify the pitch, or add scratch effects.

MJ studio is a specifically designed software for essentially playing music, and was developed in 1997 with the upcoming of MP3s.
In its first version, which was developed in 1998, it had two decks for play back MP3s, pitch, and scratch and mix them with automatic beat detection. Virtual DJ solution, including a mixer with 3-band equalizer with pre-hearing. In addition to this, it had play list with ID3 support and an auto play feature that could play back mp3s seamlessly very efficiently.

Today there are many versions of MJ studio available in the market, and each one has its own unique features and usage. AIM MP3Deejay is AIM version of MJ, having advanced features for graphical interface. Another one is a favorite retail version of MJ studio called as Landport MJ, which is sold in the Japanese market. It had Japanese installation routines and a Japanese package.
Next retail version is BHV MJ. It was a package designed having all the features of MJ.

BHV MJX Stream is the latest version of MJ, and provides the best package design, featuring the world famous Miss Shiva.

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  • All advanced features for playing music


  • Not much user friendly
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